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Happy Endings !!

Here are a few pictures of some of our lovely Kitty Cats that have found a special home ….


MERSEY .. We brought this lovely boy back from Liverpool where he was in danger of being attacked by thugs. Although it took a long time to find just the right home Mersey says ”it was definitely worth the wait, my new mum is wonderful”


OSCA … You may remember seeing street cat Osca who was previously known as Kristopher on our facebook page alongside the lovely poem ”Black & White Cat” . Osca recently found a forever home and in fact went to his new home on the same day as his foster pal Mersey ! Osca says ” all I needed was someone special to give me a chance and that gave me the confidence to be a brave boy and let people give me cuddles ”


CLEO … Little Cleo was living rough and heavily pregnant when we found her. She was so tiny and thin that she would have been in big trouble giving birth without help. Luckily she came to us the very night she went into labour and our lovely vets Top Cat took her in and made sure she was ok. Cleo now has a lovely mum and dad and so this winter will be warm and safe rather than hungry and frightened as she was when she lived on the streets. Cleo let us know that one of her favourite ways to relax is to listen to her dad playing his guitar.


BYRON … This lovely big boy who was previously called Dennis was another street cat who we found being abused by teenagers. Byron has now found happiness with his new mum and dad and furry brother and sister Teddy & Cleo . Byron says ”I really enjoy my daily brush and sitting on the windowsill in the sun”


BERTIE … This sweet little chap was abandoned when he was only a few months old. Despite a miserable start in life, Bertie (previously called Scamp … because he is a scamp!) insisted on looking on the bright side of life and made the most of every day, keeping himself busy investigating this and that! Bertie says ” I knew I would find a lovely mum and dad and I certainly have” and ” I’m looking forward to having lots of games with my new furry brother Harvey”

Mersey, Osca, Cleo, Byron & Bertie and of course all of the other Kitty Cats that are still waiting for their someone special to come along, would like to send a big thank you to everyone that helps us to keep Kitty in the City going,  without your support these cats would still be living on the streets.