Did you know that there are hundreds of abandoned cats living outside on the streets of your City?


Most of these cats have been left to fend for themselves by their families. Their lives are nothing but misery, they are not only hungry and thirsty but living in constant danger and fear of abuse.

Kitty in the City Cat Rescue has been set up by committed, experienced volunteers, (no paid staff!!) determined to make a difference to the lives of these cats, they desperately need it.

We are local, independent and receive no grants or help from government. It is likely that most if not all of the cats needing help are riddled with fleas and worms, many could be suffering from painful infections or other untreated health problems. Each winter some will freeze to death, the others will suffer trying to survive in extreme conditions without any shelter and scraps of food.

Kitty in the City will provide a warm refuge, veterinary care, good food and lots of love. No cat will be put to sleep because he or she is ‘’difficult to rehome’’. Shy cats will be gently and patiently socialised and our elderly guests will enjoy peace and comfort until the perfect home for them comes along.

If you care about the plight of street cats and want to help do something about it, this is your chance, please act today !! Please read the poem ‘’Rescued Cat’’ and commit to helping us either by welcoming a cat into your home or by making a donation to help us save lives.

Thank you for caring…